Design Your Life


The rest of your life starts here…

It doesn’t matter how you got to where you are – by choice or by chance – what matters is that you embrace the rest of your life from now on.

To intentionally live your life is to live your life well.

To love your life is to live exceptionally.

You get to choose, so…

What do you want?

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Hi there!

I’m Rachel Forcella, and I trained as a life coach because I had a desire to work with women and to help them live their very own unique and fulfilled lives.

When I discovered that having children wasn’t an option for us, I made a very clear decision – that my life wasn’t going to be “less than” because I couldn’t be a parent.

I decided that I was going to live my very best life, full of joy, excitement and freedom. I was going to make the very best of everything that was available to me.

The realisation that we could design our lives exactly how we wanted them to be – rather than what society had told us they should look like – was a big one!

Designing your life to be exactly how you want it to be doesn’t necessarily mean big changes – you don’t have to go “off-grid”, sell all your belongings, or rear cattle in your back garden (unless you want to, of course!)

It simply means taking a look at what it is that lights you up – and then pursuing that – rather than just accepting how things ‘should’ be.

And you don’t necessarily need to know exactly what it is that you want. The chances are, if you’re here reading this website, you know that you want something more and/or different – and if you don’t quite know what that is, we can uncover it as part of our coaching journey together.

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Do you want an average life – or an exceptional life?

Do you want an average life – or an exceptional life?

An average life is fine. There’s nothing wrong with an average life. An average life is a solid choice. If it is a choice. But if it’s just where you’ve ended up, or where you’ve found yourself by accident… then an average life is soul-sucking. It’s grey. It’s beige....

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How to live your very best life when childless not by choice

How to live your very best life when childless not by choice

“We’re adults without children; we have the luxury to design our lives the way we want.” Carrie Bradshaw When you don't have children - for whatever reason - you find yourself outside of western society norms (as a western woman, this is the only experience I can...

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My Story

My Story

I always thought I’d be a mum. We’d designed our married life around becoming parents - we moved across the country to be closer to my family #supportnetwork, bought a 4-bedroomed house, and we even bought a car with four doors “to easily get the baby car seat in and...

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