I’ve yet to meet someone who says to me “Oh yes! I love creating content for my business!” when I tell them what I do.

What I do hear is a lot of “I just don’t know what to say”, “I don’t have the time” and “I know I should be creating content, but I’m not quite sure what the point is”.

But, the fact is, if you have an online business (or a business you promote mainly online), then you need to consider ‘content creation’ as part of your job description. And, if you’re a solopreneur or a micro-business, it’s a big part of your job description.

Which means that falling in love with creating content for your business should be somewhere at the top of your to-do list.

Now, this might seem like a big ask (particularly if you’re currently more towards the ‘loathe’ end of the ‘love-loath content creation’ scale), but I promise you that the more you try to love creating content, and the more content you create (meaning that you see more of the positive benefits you get from being visible and interacting with your audience), the more you’ll want to do it – it’s virtuous circle.

In my 1-2-1 content coaching and training program, we follow the path of least resistance when it comes to creating a content strategy. That means I start with the question “How much time to you have to create content each week”, follow up with, “What kind of content do you like to create?” (there’s no point in mapping out a strategy full of videos if you hate getting in front of the camera), and finish strong on “What kind of content does your ideal client like to consume?” (and we know this because by this point in the program we are intimate with your ideal client). The intersection of your answers to these questions is where we find your perfect content strategy – and it’s the first step to falling in love with creating content for your business.

So, how can you – right now – start to create content more easily for your business? Give these ideas a whirl…

3 Ways to Make Creating Content Easier

1. Ask questions
Don’t know what to say? Don’t know what it is that your audience wants to hear from you? Then ask them.

Asking questions is like entering a lottery – and you’re the only person who’s bought a ticket. You’re guaranteed to win.

Firstly, because in asking a question, you’re creating a piece of content (see? I’ve got your back), and then when you have your answers, you can create at least one piece of content to respond to each of the answers. Ding ding ding – you’ve hit the content jackpot!

(Full disclosure: I asked the question “What’s the number one thing that holds you back (or slows you down) when creating content for your business?” on Instagram, which led me to write this blog!)

2. Forget about perfection
Stop worrying about getting everything ‘perfect’.

Every photo doesn’t have to 100% reflect what your caption says on Instagram. It doesn’t matter if your font size is a bit off on your quote meme. So you forgot to mention something really obvious in your latest blog? Cover it in a different blog. Think that today’s Facebook post might be a bit boring? It could be just what someone needs to hear.

Done is better than perfect. If it helps, think of creating content like cleaning your house – if you do it little and often, it doesn’t matter if you miss a bit one day, as you’ll cover it the next day, or the day after that!

3. Look at your goals
If you’re not sure what the point of creating content for your business is, here’s your answer: “Content should help you to build a relationship with your audience, so that when they’re ready to buy, they buy from you.”

In business, you need to have clearly-defined medium and short-term goals (long term goals are good, too!). You need to reverse-engineer these goals to figure out what information you need to share with your audience in order to hit these goals. What does your audience need to know? What do you want them to do? Without figuring this out and putting it in a plan, your content isn’t going to have any impact (which is kind of pointless!).

If you’d like to get your hands on my free business-goal-aligned content calendar, then you can grab it HERE.

Creating content for your business doesn’t have to be hard. You don’t have to sit in front of a blank computer screen or your iPhone camera and not have a clue what to say or why you even need to be saying anything, anyway. As with anything, it does take a bit of learning and practice, but falling in love with creating content (because you see the amazing things it does for your business) is absolutely possible.

If you’re determined to get visible, raise your profile and hit those business goals and you want more clarity and confidence with your content creation process, then let’s have a chat about how my 1-2-1 Clarity, Confidence & Content program could help you with this. Book your call with me today…