It was an awkward moment.

I’d just delivered my signature talk to a roomful of women in business. But what I didn’t realise before I said yes to the gig, was that they weren’t my ideal clients.

And if I thought that standing up and delivering some of my best content to a sea of unimpressed faces (which I could clearly see – the room was strip-lighted) was uncomfortable, then the Q&A session took that discomfort to the next level.

“Don’t you agree that if I haven’t got anything to say, that I shouldn’t be posting? I’m not just going to say any old rubbish just so I can post every day.”

So not much as a question, as what felt in that moment as a sucker punch, and I was already on the back foot.

My response was something along the lines of agreeing that you certainly shouldn’t be posting ‘any old rubbish’, but that it was still important to be posting regularly and frequently.

I was never so pleased for an evening to be over, and I did stop to buy a large bar of chocolate on the way home…

Now, you may be thinking that this is a blog about always making sure you’re in front of your ideal client – and it totally could be (I can’t stress how much time and how many uncomfortable moments this will save you). However, I wanted to write this blog to properly answer the question as to whether you really need to be posting every day.

You’ve probably noticed that some of the ‘big names’ in your industry, or ‘gurus’ like Marie Forleo, Gabby Bernstein, Jasmine Star or Amy Porterfield don’t post every single day. You’ve probably heard a lot of people (who are usually in the 6/7-figure stage of their business) saying that they only post when they “have something to say” or when their “soul calls them to”.

Here’s the thing with that…

These women have already built their businesses (and successful ones, at that). They started back when it was waaaay easier to build a following and a brand (because there were a lot fewer people out there doing this), and they now have a big community.

But here’s the other thing…

These are women who have a lot to say – and they’re not afraid to say it. They are 99% confident in sharing their message (trust me, no one’s 100% confident, not even Marie Forleo). They do not second guess themselves. They do not censor themselves. They know exactly who they’re talking to, what they want to say to them and what they want them to do next.

These women are not certainly not posting ‘any old rubbish’ or filling up their feeds with fluff from content challenges (here’s why I don’t recommend participating in social media content challenges).

And yet…

If you look at their social media feeds, no, they’re not posting every day, but they are posting most days – and they always have a ‘story’ on the go.


What I think is really going on – and some inconvenient truths


When I hear someone who is still building their community and at the growth stage of their business (0 – 4 years), saying that they’re only going to post when they have something to say or when their soul calls them too, I actually think that it’s a bit of a convenient excuse that they’re using as a reason for not creating content every day.

Inconvenient Truth #1
Yes, creating (good, impactful) content is hard work.
Yes, creating (good, impactful) content takes time.
Yes, you have other things to do.
And yes, it can take a while before you see results.
But you chose to launch an online business – and content creation is part and parcel of that.

Inconvenient Truth #2
What makes you think that you don’t have to nurture your community? You might not feel ‘called’ to post every day, but there will be someone else out there who is. And your potential clients will be consuming her content instead.

Inconvenient Truth #3
You only want to post when you have something to say? Well, sorry, but your content isn’t about you – it’s not about what you have to say – it’s about what your community needs to hear.

Inconvenient Truth #4
This is your business, your passion, your calling. Do you really not have something to say about that every single day? Truly? Or are you just not giving yourself the space and time to think about it? To help you out on this, here are 56 content creation prompts which are fluff-and-filler-free.

Inconvenient Truth #5
If 6,7 & 8 figure businesswomen are posting content every day to grow and maintain their empires – what makes you think that you don’t have to?

The good news is that you don’t need Gabby Bernstein’s content strategy to start building your community and growing your business – and there are ways to make content creation easier and less time consuming: see my tips on this HERE.

The women I work with are ready to take action – they know what it takes to build and grow an online business, and they’re not afraid to do the work. However, I do meet my clients where they’re at – and together we create a content strategy that works uniquely for them. That’s why they get real results from working with me.

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