From my conversations with hundreds of females entrepreneurs, it seems that there are two main reasons for not regularly and consistently creating content:

  1. Not having enough time
  2. Not knowing what to say

And not knowing what to say certainly increases the time it takes to create your content!

Uncovering your message is a vital step in your content creation – uncovering your message reveals your voice. You’ll know what to say and how to say it – and will be empowered to do so because it comes from a belief deep within (to learn more about this, read my blog HERE).

Obviously, I’d recommend that you do that deep work so you can get clear on the foundation of your business (and, by extension, your content). However, it’s my mission to get females entrepreneurs like you consistently creating impactful, quality content as soon as possible (and HERE’s why this is important).

I don’t want you to wait for ‘perfect’. I don’t want you to wait until you have X amount of followers or email subscribers. I don’t want you to wait until the planets align.

I want to make it easy for you now!!

Okay, so here’s the drill…

  • Grab yourself an A4 notepad or open a blank document on your laptop.
  • Create a new folder called ‘Content Ideas’ in your phone ‘Notes’ app or whatever app you use to make notes on the go (I know some people prefer to make voice notes).
  • Make yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee (we’re working here, but let’s make it comfortable!)
  • Put your phone on airplane mode.
  • Make a note of the 8 prompts I’ve shared with you below.
  • Start writing out your ideas against each one.
  • Your ideas don’t have to be fully formed at this stage, and for some of the prompts you’ll need to notes down your thoughts as you go about your every day-today (that’s what the new folder on your phone is for!) or do some research on the internet – but I don’t want you to get distracted by that right now.
  • Don’t limit yourself to 7 ideas for each prompt – keep going until you run out of inspiration.
  • Open up your diary and book yourself in for a 2-3 hour slot during the next week. This is when you’re going to sit down and work 7 of your ideas into social media posts. Ideally, you’ll be able to extend one into a full blog (this blog started life as a social media post). Pick a mix of the prompts for your week’s schedule (i.e. don’t ask your audience questions about themselves 7 days in a row, or give advice and tips every day).
  • Schedule your posts. I do this natively on Facebook, and I use Planoly for Instagram.
  • Finally, book another 2-3 hour slot in your diary for next week to create the following week’s content.
  • Don’t forget to keep updating your ideas document and Notes folder with your flashes of inspiration as you go about your life!

Your Content Prompts

  1. Seven pieces of advice that would make your ideal clients’ lives easier.
  2. Seven things that you could share about yourself that would help your audience get to know you better.
  3. Seven questions you’d like to ask your ideal clients in order to get to know them better. (This information is business gold dust – for more on finding out about your ideal client, read my article HERE.)
  4. Seven things you could share about your services and how you serve your clients.
  5. Seven things that you’ve seen or have occurred to you that you’d like to share with your ideal clients? (General musings on business or life.)
  6. Seven things that you’ve seen on TV, in magazines or books that you’d like to share with your audience. (Don’t necessarily think too literally here – was there a business lesson to be learned from the series finale of the lastest Netflix boxset you’ve been bingeing?)
  7. Seven pieces of inspiration you could share to help inspire your audience too. What’s your personal mantra? Your favourite quote? Lyrics from a song that always bring you back up when you’re feeling down?
  8. Seven things in your diary – or seven relevant ‘national days’ – that you could talk about. What’s going on in your business? Are you going to a conference or networking event? For ideas around national awareness days, see my resource HERE.

If you can come up with seven ideas for each of these prompts, you’ll have the basis for eight week’s worth of impactful content. And I promise you that the more ideas you have – the more ideals you’ll generate. You’ll be thinking of things that you want to say that aren’t even included in the prompts here! Don’t limit yourself. Keep yourself open. Be bold and share your message with the world (or at least your audience!)

Some of these prompts may seem as if they’re not about your business – that’s not the case. Every single piece of content you create for your business is about your business and /or the relationship you have with your ideal clients. (I.e. When sharing something about yourself to help your audience get to know you, they do not need to know about the time you woke up on a beach after your best friend’s hen do with no idea how you got there – unless, perhaps, you’re a sober coach, in which case that might be an important part of your ‘story’.) It’s important to be real – but it’s just as important to be relevant.

Which brings me to Calls To Action (CTAs). For every post you write, consider, “What’s the point of this post? What do I want my audience to do?” You are not creating content for the sake of it – you do not have time for that!!

If you’re sharing your favourite quote – ask them what their’s is. If you’re sharing a valuable piece of advice about what you do, tell them there’s a blog with more in-depth information about the topic it on your website – and tell them to follow the link in your bio to find it! (Make sure the link’s there, obvs!) Suggest to them that if what you’ve been talking about resonates with them, that they can talk to you further about it by DMing you.

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