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It’s time to stop hiding in your business.

It’s time to share how awesome you are.

It’s time to get visible.

In this brand new FREE 3-day live training, I’m going to show you how to:

– Get comfortable

– Get clear

– Get out there

Be you. Be Seen. Be your business.

Being visible is key to growing a business online.

You don’t me to tell you that!

But being visible isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone.

We get in our own way by comparing ourselves to others (and deciding we’re not as good). 

We tell ourselves that we’re too old, not thin enough, that our hair isn’t swishy enough, that our voice is too loud/quiet, and our accent isn’t quite ‘right’.

We feel that there are so many people out there already doing what we do (with much bigger followings), so why even bother? We can’t compete.

We feel that if we share our knowledge, someone might come along and tell us that we don’t know what we really talking about, after all. Damn that imposter syndrome.

Can you relate?

So you shy away from really putting yourself or your personality into your content. You don’t dare express an even slightly controversial opinion or say something that might set you apart from everyone else in your industry (even if it’s what you really believe).

You write your copy & content in the way you were taught to write at school – with a little bit of corporate stiffness thrown in. You know that writing in a more relaxed, chatty style would have more impact, but every time you try, you just think it sounds awkward and cringy.

Everyone’s always saying that you just need to be authentic. Just be yourself.

But that’s the scariest thing of all

Being yourself.

Because if you put yourself out there and no one likes you, then it’s personal. And that’s a big risk to take.

But here’s the thing… 

Your business needs more you in it. The world needs more you in it.

It’s such a cliché

But people buy from people.

95% of buying decisions are driven from the emotional subconscious, not logical reasoning, which means it’s vital that your business makes an emotional connection with your audience.

And that’s hard to do if there’s not enough ‘you’ in your business.

  • If you never show your face on your Instagram feed.
  • If you don’t show off your expertise. 
  • If you don’t talk about what makes you different from other people (or, rather, what makes you special).
  • If you don’t share what you believe in.

Because, as a solopreneur, if people don’t know you they can’t get to like you. And if they don’t like you, they won’t trust you. And people have to trust you in order to want to buy from you.

Be You. Be Seen. Be your Business

A FREE 3-day live training

22nd – 24th September

3 x 30-min live training sessions with Q&A plus accompanying workbooks


It’s time to show up as YOU

You don’t want to sound like everyone else, you want to sound like yourself.

But you either don’t like the way you sound, or don’t really know what ‘you’ sounds like.

You look at the ‘big’ people in your industry – the ones who are crushing it.

The ones who have tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of followers. The ones who seem just so confident and breezy. The ones who seem to be launching every five minutes, always have exciting projects and collaborations in the works, and are apparently making 6 & 7 figures in their sleep.

Whereas you sound stiff, formal and there’s still a hint of the corporate that you just can’t shake.

You feel that if you can’t nail that cool girl, laid-back, LA vibe, then your content is always going to fall flat.

Long story short  – your life just doesn’t look like that and that’s not who you are

Can I let you into a secret?

Cool girl LA chicks aren’t the only people who get be successful.

You don’t have to have an Instagram feed of you in a bikini and 20 delicate gold necklaces doing yoga on the beach accompanying your musings on business strategy. 

You don’t have to call everything a #vibe or always be putting an imaginary “Susan” back in her box.

But there is a reason that everyone seems to love everything that these people out: posts, videos, blogs, podcast, downloads, courses, programs, masterminds…

And that reason is that they show up with confidence.

They show up as apologetically them.

And showing up as who you are is so much easier than showing up as who you think you’re supposed to be.

So, let’s put YOU into your business.

Day One


Who are you in your business?

Who do you want to be?

Where do you want to take your business?

Day Two


What do you really do for your clients? 

What clients do you want to work with?

What do you need to know about them?

Day Three



How to figure out what to say.

How to break through the common visibility blocks.

How to show up online.


Hi! I’m Rachel Forcella

What I love most about my work is that breakthrough moment – the actual goosebumps moment – when the (metaphorical) clouds part and my client gets that crystal clear clarity about her business.

Who she is, what she stands for, who she serves – and how to serve and communicate with her ideal client.

I love working with businesses just like yours – female-led, forward-looking, and with big plans to make an even bigger impact.

You want to make a positive mark on the world – I want to help you to do that!

My background? I have a degree in English Language & Linguistic Science, and I launched my first business, a beauty & lifestyle services venture, in 2003. I ran that company for three years before heading into the world of corporate finance, working directly with hundreds of small and medium-sized business here in the UK. I’ve been working with businesses & brands on their online copy on content since 2015.

Are you ready to go from

Uncomfortable to Unstoppable?

No more hiding behind stock photos and inspirational quote graphics.

No more saying what you think you ‘should’ rather than what you want to.

No more feeling ‘less than’ others.

No more not showing up at all.

No more playing small.

Let’s get started…

You are your brand - does your brand reflect what you want your ideal clients to see?


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