Is the thought of creating content for your business overwhelming?

 You don’t know where to start, and you certainly don’t have the time to write a weekly blog, create daily social media posts and go ‘live’ on Facebook and Instagram every five minutes.

You’re frustrated and fed-up of sitting in front of a blank screen or staring into the lens of your camera and having no clue what to say to your online audience – and even if you did, you’re not sure how to say it.

Should you be fun & quirky? Cute & girly? Or lay down the law and just get straight to the point?

Because being you doesn’t feel like ‘enough’, does it?

Who’d be interested in what you’ve got to say? They’ve heard it all before – from someone who’s got loads more experience than you* and who’s more successful and has way more followers.**

*she probably hasn’t.

**and so what?

We can be our own worst enemy…

We procrastinate.

We tell ourselves that we ‘can’t do’ things (or that we’re too old/stupid/insert your own negative self-talk here).

We compare ourselves to others.

We get overwhelmed and watch reality TV instead of taking a baby step that would help us to feel that little bit more in control.

We wait for someone to come along to tell us it’s okay to play big – that you’ve paid your dues and you’re ‘allowed’ to go out there and say you’re an expert.

At the same time…

We want to get paid what we’re worth.

We want to build a profitable business (or maybe even an empire – and, yes, you are allowed to say that out loud!).

We want the high-profile collaborations, speaking gigs and invitations to be interviewed on podcasts.

We want to make an impact in the world.

We want to play big.

Things aren’t adding up here!

I get that being visible is scary.

I get that you are totally feeling the imposter syndrome.

I get that you don’t feel like an expert.

I get that even though you’re not where you want to be, it feels safer and more comfortable than trying, like really trying, to get to where you know you could be.

But, you know what?

You’re already charging for your services – which automatically makes you more on an expert in your field than your clients (therefore ‘you’ = ‘expert’).

Not being visible because you’re a little bit afraid of being visible is a rubbish* excuse. Honestly, what’s the worst that can happen?

*I’m British, which means that this is pretty strong language. 

Not only do you not need permission to play big – you’ll be waiting a long time if this is what you’re hoping for. Like, for forever.

Because no one has the power to give you permission. It’s not like there’s a ‘Goddess of Success’ granting permission to play big to those she deems have worked long enough, or hard enough, or have just had a really cute personal branding photoshoot.

It’s down to you to decide. I know that’s easier said than done (trust me, I know. I know.)

But that decision is literally the only thing that’s really standing in your way (because once you’ve made the decision, you’ll figure out how to handle the other things that get in your way). 

Imagine a couple of years from now…

You decided that feeling safe (and a little bit sad) was better for you than going for what you really wanted.

You’re having a bit of a scroll through Instagram – and there she is. Yes, you know who.

Her. She probably has no idea who you are, but you always had your eye on her – she was your competition. The one you always compared yourself to.

Except she didn’t choose to stay small. She got out there, got visible and shared her message with the world. And whaddya know? The world loved her message (because the world loves someone who stands up for what they believe in). And now she’s on your insta-feed celebrating her success and making you feel like a loser.

That’s not the future you’ve got planned for yourself, is it?

You started your business for a reason

You want to do something you love, something that satisfies your soul.

You want freedom & flexibility.

And, yes, you want to get paid well at the same time.

It’s my job to help you achieve that.

If you’re feeling a little lost; that’s okay – I’ve got a map for you.

If you know where you’re going but need to get out of your own way – I can help you with that.

It’s time to take control.

It’s time to get clarity on your message, gain the confidence to get out there, and create content to share your message with your ideal clients!


Rachel has the unique ability to translate what you do, how you do it, and who you serve better than anyone I have worked with. 

Katie – Online Business & Operations Strategist


Rachel’s so good at taking a long-term perspective and then breaking it down into small pieces

Business changing!

Claudia – Corporate Life Coach


Since working with Rachel, my mind is clear, and I feel confident and excited about what I can achieve for my business in the future.

Mandy – Acupuncture Practitioner


Your Message is your Superpower

Your message is the magic ingredient that will clarify for you who you serve, how you serve them, and how to communicate with them.

Oh! And did I mention that your message is also the missing link that will make creating content – that’s your social media posts, blogs, videos and podcasts – a piece of cake?

And who doesn’t like cake?


Clarity, Confidence & Content – everything you need to know…

Clarity, Confidence & Content is a 5-week one-to-one program during which together we’ll uncover your message, reveal your voice – and then use your message and voice to create a content strategy which is directly aligned with your business goals.

By the end of the program, you’ll know exactly what you want to say, who to say it to, how to say it, where to say it and what you want your results x be. 

Each session will be a personal one-to-one video call with me, Rachel Forcella

Session One

Getting to know you – an in-depth look into your business, including future goals.

Session Two

We’ll get big picture clarity – not just around your message and content but around your business as a whole.

Session Three

An in-depth look into your ideal client, including how to find out more about them and how to use what you do find.

Session Four

We’ll start to look at the detail – your content pillars, unique tone-of-voice and your brand thesaurus.

Session Five

We’ll look at your business goals (long and short-term) and reverse engineer them to begin creating your content strategy.

Session Six

In our final session, we’ll create your three-month content plan.

Is the Clarity, Confidence & Content program for you?

Yes – If you’re looking for more clarity in your business.

Yes – If you’re overwhelmed by the idea of creating your own content.

Yes – If you’re fed up of not knowing what to say in your blogs, videos, podcasts and social media posts.

Yes – If you know you’ve got something awesome to share with the world.

Yes – If you want to create content more confidently.

Yes – If it’s time for you to start playing bigger in your business.




*Payment plan available.


Rachel just got me and my brand – and what I was trying to convey – from the very start.

Lisa – Family Photographer

Rachel was a true pleasure to work with. She makes words turn into magic!

Da’shira – Retail Customer Experience Expert


I feel more confident about my business and my offerings, and I was able to position myself at a much higher price point than I had planned.

Veronika – Style & Image Coach

Let’s talk…

You don’t have to feel lost in your business – and you don’t have to feel overwhelmed by creating the content you know you need to take you to the next level.

Book your complimentary 30-minute call with me now, and we’ll get to know each other and talk about whether Clarity, Confidence & Content is the right program for you!