Your Feminine Foundation Archetype™ is the foundation of your ‘big message’. It’s your starting point – if you’re feeling a little lost, it will guide you in the right direction. If you already have a good idea of what your message is, it’ll help to clarify that for you.

Discovering your Feminine Foundation Archetype™ is just the beginning – and it’s the perfect place to start when it comes to building the business of your dreams.

The Earth Mother Foundation is peaceful and global.

Your core message is about all about healing the planet.

You want our world to be a healthy and happy place to live – for humans, for animals and for our whole eco-system – now and in the future.

Earth Mother archetype entrepreneurs often include: eco-friendly product inventors or retailers, vegan food coaches or services, veterinarians, and child/family/parenting coaches.

Earth Mothers are loving, strong, generous and expansive.

High profile Earth Mothers include: Stella McCartney, Jessica Alba and Livia Firth.

The Goddess Foundation is all about the physical being

Your core message is about feeling confident and looking good.

You want people to have physical freedom, to be fit and healthy and feel good in their bodies.

Goddess archetype entrepreneurs often include: fitness instructors, style coaches, food coaches, and relationship & sex therapists.

Goddesses are sensual, powerful, energetic and positive.

High profile Goddesses include: Kris Carr, Tracy Anderson and Ella Woodward.

The Priestess Foundation is all about the mind.

Your core message is about helping others to feel happy and have clarity in their life.

You want people to have peace of mind, feel confident and have good mental health.

Priestess archetype entrepreneurs often include: Reiki healers, confidence coaches, tarot readers and decluttering experts.

Priestesses are spiritual, wise, centred and calm.

High profile Priestesses include: Marianne Williamson, Gabrielle Bernstein and Brené Brown.

A Quaintrelle is a woman who emphasises a life of passion expressed through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charm, and cultivation of life’s pleasures.

The Quaintrelle Foundation is all about lifestyle.

Your core message is about making the world a more beautiful place.

You want people to be happy and joyful and to live luxuriously – whatever that means to the individual.

Quaintrelle archetype entrepreneurs often include: personal stylists, florists, travel agents and interior designers.

Quaintrelles are creative, fun-loving, generous and visionary.

High profile Quaintrelles include: Donatella Versace, Martha Stewart and Charlotte Tilbury.

The Empress Foundation is all about success and empowerment.

Your core message is about helping others to fulfil their dreams and reach their goals.

You want people to be financially successful – and to achieve this through education and personal empowerment.

Empress archetype entrepreneurs often include: virtual assistants, accountants, copywriters, lawyers and business coaches.

Empresses are smart, strong, organised and practical.

High profile Empresses include: Michelle Obama, Marie Forleo and Carrie Green.

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