Start with your Feminine Foundation Archetype™

“Start with ‘why’”, they said.

Okay, so what if your ’why’ is actually because you want to make at least as much money as you dd in your 9-5, but with more flexibility?

Last year I surveyed 200 female entrepreneurs, and the number one reason (54%) that they gave for starting their business was so that they could have more freedom (and the number two reason was for the money).

I don’t know about you, but if I’m completely honest, freedom and money are the reasons that I started my business.

However, clients and potential clients aren’t really interested in how you pay your mortgage or how many weeks holiday you get to take each year.

But let’s just put a pin in that for a minute.

Money and freedom may be our top reasons, or the necessary reasons, for starting our businesses – but they’re not our only reasons.

We’re human beings, and as humans, we have emotions, beliefs and interests. We want to make our mark on the world. The vast majority of us want that to be a positive mark.

So, for most of us entrepreneurs, there’s something greater at play than just money or freedom, and it’s this greater thing that really keeps us going. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning. It’s what helps us to deal with tough days/weeks/months (we’ve all been there, right?). It’s what gives us our real satisfaction.

What is it? It’s your message. Your big message. Your core message. Your calling. It’s that something deep inside of you that’s bigger than you.

Sounds grand and fancy, doesn’t it? Sounds all very Oprah/Branson/Chopra-ish.

Stay with me here.

What if I told you that your ‘big message’ doesn’t actually have to be all about saving the planet, ending starvation or curing all disease? (It absolutely can be, but it doesn’t have to be.)

What if I told you that your ‘big message’ could be that you believe that every woman should own at least one piece of jewellery that she loves (if you’re a jewellery designer, for example). Or that there should be no such thing as a bad cup of coffee (if you sell coffee or run a coffee shop, for example). Or that it can be anything so long as it really matters to you. (Sidenote: No message is ‘better’ or more or less ‘worthy’ than another – all positive messages are wonderful things).

And what if I told you that figuring out your big message could transform your business? That you will get clarity on exactly who you want to work with, how to serve them, and how to communicate with them.

That understanding your big message is the missing link when it comes to creating the copy and content for your business?

Let’s take that pin out.

Your audience doesn’t care about how much money you earn or how easy it is for you to pick your kids up from school. But they do care about things that impact them, or about things that they have a shared belief in.

As I mentioned earlier, we’re all human beings – and nearly every human on the planet craves connection. No matter how introverted or extroverted, we all seek to be understood – and to understand. Essentially we all want to belong. We evolved in tribes, and that biological instinct still stays with us.

Your big message will help you to connect with your ideal client and engage with them.

Your big message will make you feel passion, and when you work from a place of passion, you are naturally authentic and genuine, and that in itself is very influential. Our brains, and our guts, are hardwired to sense fakes and frauds.

You’ll express yourself with enthusiasm, and that enthusiasm will engage your audience and generate excitement.

You will evoke emotion by expressing your own.

And when it comes to purchases, we buy emotionally – not rationally. Harvard professor Gerald Zaltman did some research that showed that 95% of purchases are driven by the emotional subconscious, not logical reasoning.

So, how does defining your big message help you to create copy and content for your business?

For years and years, I’ve heard the same thing from the female entrepreneurs I work and network with: “I just don’t know what to write about.” In the past, I’ve suggested a list of topics the could talk about in their social media posts or write blogs about. They’ve nodded their heads and thanked me, but when I saw them again four weeks later and asked them how they got on, I’d always get the answer “I tried, but I just didn’t know what to say.”

I couldn’t figure out why these talented and intelligent women – women who are doing amazing things in the world – were struggling so much to write about what they were doing.

And then I had my lightbulb moment – there was no foundation. No context.

Creating content without context is hard. Content without context is boring, soulless and has no impact.

Your big message is the foundation of your business, and therefore, it’s the foundation of your content.

You don’t talk about your big message in every video, blog and Instagram post, but it is the place that all of your content comes from.

My big message is that I want to help women to build profitable businesses. Businesses that would give them financial independence. Because financially independent women have a much greater say in their lives, and by extension, the world. And I think that the world will be a better place if there is a louder female voice.

I very rarely talk about this explicitly, but it’s the foundation of every piece of content I create. It’s my compass.

As soon as I began to share the concept of a ‘big message’ with my clients, they found it so much easier to figure out what to say. And that’s because Uncovering your message reveals your voice. You know what to say and how to say it – and you are empowered to do so because it comes from a belief deep within.

Your message isn’t manufactured. It’s not a mission statement that you slap on your website because you think you need it, or a list of values you’ve thought up because it seems as if everyone else is doing that.

It’s what you really think, feel and believe.

However, a big message is exactly that. Big.

And it’s hard to know where to start.

That’s why I created the Feminine Foundation Archetype™ quiz.

Over the past four years, I’ve worked with and talked to hundreds of female entrepreneurs, and although each of them is wonderfully unique, I observed that their big messages all fell roughly into one of five categories, or archetypes.

So why ‘Feminine Foundation’? I don’t have to say that women have a very different energy from men, and the archetypes reflect this. However, ‘feminine’ does not suggest weakness or girliness. The five archetypes – Earth Mother, Empress, Goddess, Priestess and Quaintrelle – are strong and powerful. They are a force to be reckoned with.

If you want to define (or refine) your big message, this quiz is designed to be your starting point. If you’re feeling a little lost, it will guide you in the right direction. If you already have a good idea of what your message is, it’ll help to clarify that for you.

Discovering your Feminine Foundation Archetype™ is just the beginning – and it’s the perfect place to start when it comes to building the business of your dreams.

Are you ready to discover your Feminine Foundation Archetype™? Take the quiz now…