It’s human nature to be impatient – when we take action, we want to see results – and quickly, if you please.

Unfortunately business and brand-building often don’t work that way.

Something I tell my clients before they sign up to work with me is that they need to expect to be showing up in their content every day for 3 – 6 months before they start seeing results. (I don’t promise overnight success – and I’d be wary of anyone who does).

So, how long’s too long to hear crickets when it comes to your content?

Well, if you are posting/showing up every day (without fail) on a social media platform, you’re building an email list and emailing them at least monthly (I like fortnightly, personally), and you’re building relationships and engaging with other people’s content on the regular, then you should start to see traction and interest in what you are doing after about three months.

At this stage, you’ll probably be getting requests to guest-blog, be interviewed on small podcasts and do masterclasses in people’s Facebook groups (for exposure rather than payment).

I would expect to see paying client leads coming directly from your content after about six months.

If there are a lot of people doing what you are doing and you’re operating in a particularly crowded market, then the first stage might take up to six months, and a further three months for the direct leads.

I know this sounds pessimistic in today’s world of “6-figures in 6 minutes”, but:

1. This is based on my 4.5 years of experience working in the online business world. I’ve seen this timescale happen for myself and for my clients – time and time again.

2. Content should not be the only way you are marketing your business. You could be creating THE best content in the world, but if you’re not out there networking and having sales conversations, your business is not going to get off the ground.

But what should you do if you’re not seeing any results from your content at the six-month mark?

Here’s what to do if this isn’t happening for you within those timescales…

  1. The first thing you need to do is to be totally honest with yourself – are you really showing up every day? And have you been doing that consistently for six months? Are you properly engaging with other people’s content? Are you getting to know people and building relationships?
  2. If you are, start looking at things a little more scientifically – are you using the best hashtags for your audience? Are you posting at the right time of day? Are you sending your emails on the right day?
  3. Consider if you’re being clear in your message (are you confusing your audience with too many offerings? Are you sharing exactly what you do and how you can help them?)
  4. Are you clear on your ideal client? Are you talking to a broad group of people with a bland message that’s not interesting to anyone?
  5. Are you sharing interesting and useful content?
  6. Is your content aligned with your business goals, or are you just sharing random bits of information about your business and what you had for lunch with no strategy in place?

Test and measure your content metrics. Do selfie posts get more likes and engagement than posts using professional photos? Which hashtags work best for you? What’s the best time to post?

Try something out and if it’s successful, try it again. If it bombs, try it differently. Don’t let one bad result get you down or put you off!

Keep a close eye on the information your audience is feeding back to you. Did something work/not work because it was a fluke? Or is it right/not right for them? The more content you create, the more data you’ll have to come to conclusions!

Have fun with your content – take showing up and creating your content seriously, but take all of your results – positive and negative – as useful information to shape your future content creation strategy.


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