I always recommend batching your content creation.

In an ideal world, you’d have a permanent content strategy (e.g. 7 x posts on Instagram, one email newsletter and one blog per week), a three-month content plan (aligned with what’s going on in your business, what’s going on in the world, and, most importantly, your business goals for the period), and you’d have written/recorded and scheduled your content 2-3 weeks in advance.

Right now, we are not living in an ideal world.

When life as we knew it started to crumble before our eyes a couple of weeks ago, I had to swiftly unschedule all the content I had created, as it was no longer the correct tone or what my community needed from me.

Things are still rapidly changing, but we are getting used to a new normal which is looking like lockdown and/or self-isolation for the foreseeable future here in the UK.

This means that I can, again, begin to batch my content creation, albeit on a maximum week-by-week basis, rather than the longer-term plan I used to work to.

Here’s how I recommend batching your content creation under the current circumstances…

6 Steps for Batching your Content Creation in Uncertain Times

1. Block out time in your diary
I’d usually recommend a 2-3 hour block, however, if you’re juggling running your business with homeschooling, then this may not be possible. If not, block out two minimum 1-hour slots over the week (if you follow the rest of the steps, you’ll be surprised at how much you can get done in an hour).

2. Minimise distractions
Put your phone on airplane mode, and if you’re writing directly into an app such as Planoly or Google Docs, then open up a fresh browser (and be sure to have silenced notifications from any of your social media accounts).

3. Create a plan
How many social media posts do you need this week? Are you writing a blog? An email newsletter?
Then decide what you want to achieve for the week – are you looking to sell our your group program? Build your email list? Just support and serve your community at this time of crisis?

4. Decide what’s you’re going to write about
What’s happening in your business/diary this week? What’s happening in the world this week? (E.g. national holidays, relevant awareness days.)
What content do you need to create to support your business goal for the week?
I always recommend that you maintain a Notes folder in your phone or have an actual notebook to jot down content ideas as you have them throughout the week. Now’s the time to open that up, review your ideas, and see if your notes spark any new thoughts.

5. Start creating
Don’t start with the big stuff – the blog or newsletter. Start small. Maybe do a couple of quote graphics for your Instagram to get you warmed up. Then move on to your longer social media posts. If you’re writing about something and the inspiration starts to flow, that’s what you should be writing your blog or newsletter about this week (but still write the shorter version for social media). Alternatively, if you had any particularly popular social posts in the past week, ones that really sparked some conversation of a lot of feedback, see if you can expand on them to create this week’s newsletter or blog. Don’t feel that you always have to start every single piece of content from scratch.

6. Finally
Schedule what you can – but don’t forget to go into your social media as soon as possible after something posts so you can respond to any comments you get on it.

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