The best content doesn’t seem like ‘content’ – it feels as if you’re hanging out with a friend.

To give you a bit more context – content is not for selling.

The ‘point’ of content is to help your audience get to know you, like you and trust you – so that when they’re ready to buy, they come to you.

Your content should make your audience feel heard, valued and understood – that you’re someone who cares about them and has their best interests at heart (because I know you do). Someone they could enjoy a cup of coffee, a piece of cake or a cocktail with.

That’s not to say you should fill up your feeds with directionless jibber-jabber – what you had for your lunch*, the fact that you had one too many proseccos last night, or that you had a really nice time hanging out with your family at the weekend.

*Although, if you’re a food coach, for example, this could well be relevant. If you’re a copywriter, perhaps less so!

And that’s because your content’s not really about you – more on this HERE.

You know when you meet up with a friend and all they talk about is themself? You can’t get a word in edgeways. Every time you try to talk about something you’re interested in, they turn the conversation back to them? “Oh, you’re planning a trip to London? I’ve just been to London…” Well, you can’t wait to finish your coffee and get out of there fast enough – and you’re in no rush to arrange to meet again “Next month? Sorry – 2020’s looking pretty busy for me…

That’s pretty much how it is on social media – expect it’s a lot less awkward to simply ‘unfollow’ someone online than it is in real life.

But you know that friend who makes you feel good? Who asks you how you’re doing and really listens to the answer? Who checks in with you between coffees to see how you’re doing? Who you can’t wait to see again next time? “Next month? Yes, I’m free anytime. In fact, just tell me when’s good for you and I’ll move things around!

That’s who you want to be in your content!

Because not only can you not connect and engage with your audience if you’re always talking about yourself – you won’t be able to learn how to serve them, either. You need to make space in the conversation (because content should always be a conversation – not a broadcast) for your audience to tell you what they want and need from you.

And the best way to do this is to ask questions, you know, like that friend you love hanging out with.

Ask them what they think. Ask them about their experiences. Their problems. Their aspirations.

For more on asking questions, plus two other tips to make creating content easier, see my blog HERE.

Great friends are also supportive and generous – are you sharing lots of tips and advice to help make your audience’s life easier and better? Don’t keep the good stuff to yourself – sprinkle it around like eco-friendly confetti!! I know it seems counter-intuitive to give away lots of free content, but I promise that this won’t stop people wanting to pay to work with you (but don’t spend all your time coaching people for free in your DMs – if people want to work with you send them over to your Calendly to make an appointment!)

And finally (cue the F.R.I.E.N.D.S theme tune), good friends are always there for you. This means showing up regularly and consistently. Being there when you say you will (or when your audience expects you to). Don’t just rock up when you have something to sell (the content equivalent of the girlfriend you only ever hear from when she’s having yet another life crisis).

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