How to break the loop of not getting what you want
You are special. Seriously, I mean it.

You are worthy.

You are deserving.

You are amazing.

You are everything.

You are enough.


Being enough isn’t enough.

You still have to show up.

Do the work.

Make the plan and work the plan.

Figure out what the answers are.

Do more work.


Believing that you’re not enough, not special, not deserving, not amazing IS a problem.

Because it’s that lack of belief in yourself that will stop you from showing up to do what you need to do in order to achieve your dreams.

And then when you don’t show up, you won’t achieve your goals.

Which will lead you to believe that you weren’t worthy of them.

Yes, I know that it’s obvious that if you don’t hit your goals because you didn’t do the work that has nothing to do with your ‘worthiness’ – but when you’re *in it* and feeling like sh*t because things didn’t go your way, that’s where your brain will go if you are someone who doesn’t realise how inherently wonderful they are. Which, sadly, is the case for many of us, especially if you’ve experienced the disappointment of infertility.

This is what I call a Hell Loop 😈 (if you’ve watched Lucifer, you’ll be familiar with Hell Loops. If you haven’t, I 100% thoroughly recommend it, if for gratuitous shots of Tom Ellis’s bottom, if for nothing else).

Hell Loop

You don’t believe that you deserve what you want ➡️ So you don’t do the work ➡️ So you don’t get it ➡️ This gives you evidence that you don’t deserve it ➡️ And so on.

There are two places you can break this loop – at the stage where you get to choose whether or not you’re deserving of what you want OR at the stage where you need to do the work to get what you want.

Coaching helps you to break the Hell Loop in both of these stages at the same time – we create a plan to help you get what you want, including the actual actions you need to take.

As your coach, I provide support, encouragement and accountability as you complete these actions AND AT THE SAME TIME we’ll tackle any limiting beliefs (like, “I’m not worthy of this”) as they arise.

Double whammy!

And when you break the Hell Loop, it turns into a Heaven Loop 👼

Heaven Loop

You believe that you deserve what you want ➡️ So you do the work ➡️ So you get it ➡️ This gives you evidence that you deserve it ➡️ And so on.

This means that having coaching for one goal means that you’re more likely to achieve your future goals as well, without having to rely on a coach each time!

If you’re ready to create your own Heaven Loop – let’s talk.

My coaching process is designed to make sure you achieve your goals through both action and mindset.

For all the details and to arrange your chemistry call with me, click here…

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