How well do you know your ideal/dream client? Really know them?

Sure, you know their gender, age and level of education, but do you know their hopes, dreams and aspirations?

Do you know what keeps them awake at night, and what gets them out of bed in the morning?

Do you know what their problems are? Not just in the area of their life where you hope to sell them a solution, but elsewhere?

Do you know what they need from you? Do you know the real reason they’re buying from you? What excuses are they making to themselves?

Yes? Awesome! No need to read any further.

No? Okay, then we have a problem.

The thing is, if you don’t know this stuff about your ideal client, then creating content that’s going to resonate with them is going to be tough.

You’re going to be spending hours writing blogs, recording videos and coming up with social media posts that most of the time will miss the mark.

And if you don’t actually know the answers to these questions and you’re just guessing at them, then you’ve created yourself a ghost dream client – kind of like an imaginary friend.

But the good news?

Getting this information isn’t all that hard. There are several things you can do – which won’t cost you any money, just time – to uncover all the intel you need.

1. Find out where your ideal client hangs out – and go there. This might be online (Facebook groups, for example) or in real life (networking events for B2B businesses, or other types of events for those that sell directly to individual consumers). Eavesdrop. Talk to people. Get to know them. Ask questions. I promise it’ll be worth your while.

2. Conduct a questionnaire/survey. This is super easy if you’re online – post it all over your socials and (if permitted) in the Facebook and LinkedIn groups you’re a member of. If you have a physical business, get that clipboard out and stand on the street, geography GCSE field-trip style.

3. If any of your existing clients are your ideal clients (not all clients are dream clients, especially if you’re looking to grow or pivot your business) – ask them these questions. Give them a bonus incentive to spend half an hour with you in person or on a video call while you talk to them about all of the above (you may want to do this as a friendly chat, rather than as an interrogation, though!)

Not only will this information make your content better, but it’ll also make your business better – who knows what ideas you’ll come up with for new services and products as a result?

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