You probably grew up with parents and grandparents who saved things “for best”.

Hell, having an entire room in your house “for best” (I did not grow up in a big house) was not uncommon for those generations.

I do get where this behaviour comes from – our grandparents lived through the war, and our parents either experienced rationing or had the instinct to be frugal and hoard passed on to them from their parents. These generations had less disposable income than us and nice things were more of a luxury and less available.

But then they indoctrinated this behaviour in us…

That Jo Malone Candle that’s still on your mantelpiece, unlit. Even though candles lose their scent.

That super-soft cashmere jumper that you’re going to wear for an unspecified ‘special occasion’. Even though unworn clothes can become moth-eaten. 

The expensive lipstick you only use on date night. Even though lipstick become rancid after time.

The fancy champagne that’s been in the fridge since you got engaged – 8 years ago. Even though you and your husband both love champagne.

But what about when this “saving things for best” mentality spills over into other areas? When you find yourself saving your “best life” for later.

How many little old ladies have been buried with drawers full of pretty soaps and once-used perfumes, and cupboards full of beautiful china, untouched for decades for fear of getting chipped?

Just think of all the fabulously scented baths they could have taken and wonderful tea parties they could have had – but didn’t.

How many of those little old ladies were buried with unfulfilled dreams of drinking champagne in Paris? Of slurping spaghetti in Rome? Of dancing the salsa with a handsome stranger in Rio? Of swimming in the sea? Of living in a chocolate-box cottage with roses around the door? Of tasting oysters – just to see if they liked them? Of finding out whether blondes really do have more fun?

None of us knows how long we have left. None of us knows for how long we will be able to enjoy good health and mental faculties.

When you coach with me, we’ll uncover what it is that you want to fill your life – and your heart – with, and then identify the thoughts that are, or have been, holding you back from achieving that. 

We’ll then create a road map with actions to ensure that your goal comes to life.

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The future is promised to no one.

Be your best self now.

Live your best life now.

Stop putting things off. Plan your trip to Paris. Pop the champagne.

And please – for the love of God – burn the damn Jo Malone candle.


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