*** Before we dive into this, I just want to make clear that this is not a blog about weight loss! ***

I’m not going to lie – I put on a lot of weight during lockdown…

After working so hard to lose 3.5 stones in the couple of years before 2020 hit 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

When we discovered that we weren’t going to be parents, I obviously wasn’t in a great place and I’d completely fallen out with my body – it had massively let me down.

My go-to comfort is food, and I dived in.

Every now and again, I’d get fed up of feeling/looking fat and not being able to buy nice clothes and go on a ‘diet’ which usually lasted about 24 hours and then I’d give up.

One day in February 2018, I finally got fed up of my own 💩 – I decided there and then that I’d had enough and I was going to lose the weight. I wasn’t going to start ‘tomorrow’, on ‘Monday’ or on the 1st of the next month. I started there and then (I think it was a Saturday afternoon).

Things went amazingly for several months – I was in the zone, losing weight and feeling great. 

I was determined to stay on track, but every now and again, it just felt so *hard*. I wanted to give in to my usual habit of eating too much. But I’d seen so much progress and I was loving being slimmer, so I knew that I needed to do something differently.

I decided that the answer was to add something to my diet, rather than take it away.

I decided to try to love my body. I say ‘try’ because that’s certainly not something I’d ever done before – it was a totally foreign concept to me.

Each morning, when I was doing my daily journaling, I would write down 3 things that I loved about my body – bits of it I liked, or things it did for me or things it could do.

I really believe that doing this helped to keep me going when things got tough.

But, as with any relationship, your relationship with yourself (or your body) has to be maintained – it needs work.

Nearly 12 months of shielding (basically not leaving the house) took its toll and a few months into the pandemic I allowed my emotions to take over again and a few months after that leggings became my best friend again.

Honestly, I’m not a big fan of discussing my weight – loss or gain. It’s something that’s very personal to me. However, as I mentioned about, this isn’t an article about weight loss and my weight actually isn’t the point here – the point is the tool I used to help me be successful in losing weight  – achieving my goal.


Actively taking the time and making the effort to give myself and my body love, gratitude and appreciation.


Doing this could literally be your superpower.

At times during my weight loss journey, it was the only thing that was keeping me going – I wasn’t losing weight for a special occasion or someone else, I was losing weight for me and because I loved myself enough to do that (a note here: as I mentioned above, I lost several stones, I’m not talking about a few ‘cosmetic’ pounds, for me it was a health situation). And it’s something that I had never really managed to do before.

So, where in your life would you like to see a change? How could some self-love and appreciation help you to achieve this?

Maybe you need to love on your brains. Or your personality. Or your creativity.

You are way too smart, beautiful and special to be the only thing standing between you and the thing you want.

If you’d like some support in achieving one of your goals (or even figuring out what your goals are!), then discover more about working with me here…


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