If I could share with you the one thing that makes more difference than anything else to the success of your content (or business, or life, for that matter), it would be this: CONSISTENCY COMPOUNDS.

More than hashtags, more than your message, even: being consistent – showing up every day in some shape or form – is the thing that will make the biggest overall impact when it comes to your content.

What does ‘showing up’ mean? It means posting new content – on your social media platforms, on your blog or sending an email to your list. It could also mean sharing stories if you use Instagram. Finally, it means engaging with other people – commenting on their posts and having genuine conversations in the DMs.

Think of it this way. If you increase your visibility by just 1% every day (and I know that’s impossible to measure, but stick with me here), you’re not adding 1% of the original visibility to your visibility ‘total’ every day, you’re increasing your visibility by 1% of the amount of your original visibility plus each day’s increase so far, combined.

In other words, 1% additional visibility each day over the year isn’t a 365% increase in visibility – it’s a 3,650% increase in visibility.

That’s how compounding works – and that’s why showing up every day makes sure a difference.

Because each time your audience sees you, they’re not just seeing you for the first time. You’re building on all the other times they’ve seen you before. And that’s exceedingly powerful. The aim of content is to get your audience to know, like and trust you – and always ‘being there’ goes a long way to establishing trust (they know they can rely on you).

Let’s look at Instagram, for instance. Here’s a journey of showing up every day…

The Hard Part
At first, you’ll likely hear crickets – I won’t lie to you. It’s probably going to feel like this for some time.

Then, you’ll start making some insta-friends. You know, the ones who always like and comment on your posts and you go and repay the love. You’ll boost each other in the DMs.

The Exciting Part
And then you’ll start getting people following you who you’ve never heard of (that’ll freak you out a bit, because you realise that people are actually listening to what you’re saying!).

Then a couple of the ‘big’ coaches or names in your industry will follow you, and you’ll be super chuffed until you realise 24 hours later that they’ve unfollowed you as part of some frickin’ irritating follow/unfollow game. (You’ll wonder if this is a good idea to do for yourself – it’s not.)

The Good Part
Your follower count will grow. Your likes and comments will grow.

At around 3 – 6 months the DMs will start ‘thank you for inspiring me’. ‘thank you for helping me’ – these will be from people you didn’t even realise were following you.

And THIS is when your content will start paying off. When people know, like and trust you enough to buy from you.

Don’t try to force it. Don’t rush. There’s no need to post three times a day (one quality post is worth three so-so posts) or bombard every new follower with a load of DMs.

Be in it for the long game. Build that connection, engagement and eventually relationship. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t give up.

Show up with integrity and in service, and it will pay off.

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