“But Rachel, I’m fed up of giving away free content.”

Honestly? I hear this A LOT.

The next thing I usually hear is…

“So, I’m just going to stop, and I’m going to charge for everything.”

Spoiler alert: this has NEVER ended well.

You have to ask yourself…

– Would Marie Forleo create a FREE TV show every week, if free content didn’t work?
– Would Gabby Bernstein regularly host FREE webinars, if free content didn’t work?
– Would Gary Vee create FREE content virtually on the hour every hour, if free content didn’t work?
– Would *insert your guru here* be writing blogs/recording videos/hosting a podcast, if free content didn’t work?

So, can we agree that creating free content works and that you need to be creating it?



  • Writing regular blogs and posting them on your website is going to help you get on to page one of Google.
  • Showing up regularly and consistently (not the same thing!) on the social media platform where your ideal clients hang out is what builds a relationship with your audience.
  • Creating videos and podcasts demonstrates your expertise so that your potential clients understand HOW you can help them and TRUST you to do so.
  • Hosting webinars is going to convert your audience into paying customers.

You don’t create free content until you can charge for it – you create free content SO that you have an audience to sell something to.

I know that it can be disappointing and frustrating when you create something amazing and full of value – and you hear crickets.

I know that you have a million and one things you could be doing rather than looking for the perfect photo to go with your Instagram post.

I know that you’re worried that other people will copy your fantastic content and try to pass it off as their own.

I know that there will be people who are happy to consume your free content but have no intention of ever paying to work with you (that’s okay – they are not your people).

But there are ways that you can make this content creation easier and ensure that what you create makes more impact…

5 Ways to Create Content that has More Impact

1. Create content that you like to create.
My method of creating content is to follow the path of least resistance. There’s nothing worse than a content planner full of stuff you’re dreading doing. So if you don’t like to do video, don’t do videos. Do a podcast instead. If you hate Instagram, use Facebook or LinkedIn, whichever you prefer. The most important thing is to get content out there – and to have it infused with great energy. Your community will sense if you’re creating content for the sake of it or if you hate every second you’re on that livestream!

2. Create content for your ideal client (and no one else).
I’ve said it before, but if you’re speaking to everyone, you’re speaking to no one. I promise you that having an ideal client in mind when creating your content will make your life tonnes easier. You won’t be worried about offending anyone (you know the limits of your ideal client). You know what they’ll find interesting and funny. You’ll learn how to connect with them.

3. Create content only for the platforms where your ideal client hangs out.
Okay, so I’m slightly contradicting myself on point number one here – if you ideal client only hangs out on Instagram and you hate Instagram, you have a bit of a problem (and, quite frankly, you may have to learn to love Instagram). However, if you love Instagram and you know that’s where your ideal client is, then you don’t even have to think about Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. That’s a relief, isn’t it?

4. Repurpose content across platforms.
If you want to grow an online business, I recommend you create content in three places: a newsletter, a social media platform, and your website (long-form content: blogs, vlogs or podcasts).
I also recommend that every time you create an awesome piece of content, you juice the heck out of it. Created a great newsletter? Expand it a bit to become a blog (that’s how this blog started life.) Written a brilliant blog? Cut out the good bits and put them in your next newsletter. Written a few popular social media posts on the same subject? Stick them together to create a blog. Never only use a good piece of content once.

5. Create content that’s directly aligned with your business goals.
If you’re not aligning your content creation with your business goals, then you’re creating content for the sake of creating content – and that’s pointless. Figure out what you want to achieve and what it’ll take for you to get there and design your content strategy accordingly. What does your community need to know or do in order to help you hit your goals?


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