I had my first personal branding photoshoot just under a year ago. For 3 years I’d been putting it off – I had a long list of excuses:

“I’m too fat.”
“My business isn’t big enough to need professional photos.”
“I can’t afford it.”

Let’s unpick those excuses…

1. The size of my jeans has no bearing on the quality of my skills or how well I serve my clients – or how successful I deserve to be. Also, the only person really judging me is me. (Disclaimer – I did lose weight before that photoshoot, but I really shouldn’t have waited that long.)

2. I want my business to get big. Like really big. Having professional photos is one of the things that will help make this happen for me. They are a vital tool when it comes to getting visible. I’ve used them on my website, to promote speaking events, for my bio when I’m interviewed on podcasts, as well as all over social media.

3. Actually, I couldn’t afford to not get photos done (oh – and they didn’t cost me anywhere near what I thought they would.) Basically, if you want to ride the rollercoaster, you have to buy a ticket.

I’m a big believer that when you first start out in business, the ONLY thing you need to concentrate on is getting paying clients. Figure out what you’re going to sell, who you’re going to sell it to and how you’re going to sell it. You shouldn’t let yourself get distracted getting a fancy website, expensive branding or professional photos.

You need to work out how to do things for yourself (i.e. spend your time, not your money). You need to growth-hack, boot-strap, or whatever else the kids are calling it these days.


You can only get so far on selfies, freebie downloads and reverse-engineering other people’s content strategies.

Once you have a viable business (people are paying you for what you do) and you’re ready to take things to the next level, that’s when you need to invest.

Firstly, because if you have paying clients to serve, you won’t have time to do #allthethings yourself.

And secondly, because investing in yourself and your business is a mindset shift.

You see, when you invest in photos or a website or a content strategy, it’s not just other people who are seeing the new, improved version of you who are taking you more seriously – YOU take yourself more seriously.

Obviously, you have more ‘skin in the game’ if you’ve invested hundreds or thousands of pounds on a website or coaching. But, quite frankly, the chances are that if you’re running a business, you’re reliant on the income it generates, which means you’re already pretty committed.

But taking that decision to work with someone – whether that’s on your branding, your messaging or your sales strategy – and the results you see from working with them, make you start seeing yourself in a different light.

You realise that you’ve created something – a real-life business. Something that can (or will) support you financially. Something that provides a service or products to other people and makes their lives better. Something that contributes to the economy. Something that’s bigger than you.

You realise that you are worth it.

And this is what will give you the confidence to go to the next level. To grow and build your business.

Yes, I know it’s a chicken and egg situation, but did you really come this far to only come this far?

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, then you need to get your messaging spot on – and put in place a content strategy that’s directly aligned with your business goals. And this is something that you can work on with me, on a one-to-one basis. Want to know more? See HERE for all the details of my Clarity, Confidence & Content program, or click below to book a call and have a chat with me about it.