In my social media posts, I talk a lot about ‘showing up’.

About how important it is to ‘show up’ on social media (every day).

About how important it is to ‘show up’ in our businesses (every day).

But the thing about showing up for ourselves, is that it’s hard to keep motivated.

Because we don’t feel worthy.
Because we have a crisis of confidence.
Because we’ve got a million and one other things to do (usually for other people).

Ultimately, the most empowering thing is to show up for yourself. To do it for you.

But, as women, that’s often not how we’re wired.

So, until you can rewire yourself to put yourself first (my own rewiring is in progress), how about we reframe it this way:

You’re not showing up for yourself; you’re showing up for your audience.

Your audience needs you.

They need to hear your message.
They need your expertise.
They need to hear your story.

So, if you can’t show up for yourself, show up for them (and if you do this often enough, you’ll realise just how important you really are – because you are).

How long does it take for content to ‘work’?

Of course, once you start talking about ‘showing up’, the inevitable question will arise: “How long will it take for my content to ‘work’?

And my answer is both disheartening and comforting at the same time.

I’ve been creating online content for businesses since 2015, and I’ve observed that it takes a MINIMUM of 3 months of showing up regularly and consistently (daily for social media, weekly for blogs and weekly/fortnightly for newsletters) before you start to get any noticeable engagement. It can take up to six months.

And it can take another three to six months before you see any actual clients coming directly from your content sources.

This is disheartening because feeling like you’re shouting into out space and hearing nothing but crickets is frustrating. It’s SO easy to want to give up, especially if you don’t particularly enjoy creating content or don’t have time for it.

But this is comforting because it’s NORMAL.

I know that’s hard to believe in these times of “6-figure months in 6 minutes” and “Grow your followers by 10,000 overnight”.

But honestly? I really don’t think that there’s a magic formula that will instantly build relationships with people who want to hand over their cash to you.

And a side note: Just because someone isn’t liking and commenting on your posts, doesn’t mean that they’re not reading them and that they’re not inspired by you or don’t want to work with you. I’ve had several clients who’ve said to me “I’ve been stalking you on social for months now”. And on the other hand, many of the people who like and comment on all my posts are likely to never buy from me.

Post anyway – even if you’re hearing crickets. (For more on, this, see my post HERE)

How to ‘Show Up’ properly

So, we’ve established that ‘showing up’ is key – but so is making sure that you’re using your platform properly.

Social Media

  • Optimise your bio. Make it clear: who you are, what you do, who you do it for and why it benefits them, where you are (if relevant), and how they can get hold of you!
  • On Instagram, make sure you’re using (all 30 of) the right hashtags. What hashtags are your ideal clients following or looking for? Also, make sure that the hashtags you’re using are relevant – click through and see how other people are using them. Does it look like the kind of thing your ideal client would be interested in? Is what the hashtag means in your head the same as what it means to the rest of Instagram?


  • Are you providing the information that your ideal client needs to know? For further reading on this, check out They Ask, You Answer by Marcus Sheridan.
  • Be sure to create useful and compelling titles and use the right keywords both in the title and organically throughout the article.


  • Are you sending it on the right day, at the right time of day and with a subject line that makes people want to click through?

Your business is your dream. It’s your vision. It’s your future.

You’re in it for the long haul.

Settle in, get comfy, do the work. Show up and shine.

If you have any questions about creating content or if there’s any topic that you’d like me to write about, please get in touch with me here: