“Without strategy, content is just stuff. And the world has enough stuff.” 

Arun Basu

If you have an online business (or a business that relies on the internet for visibility, you need to be creating top-quality content.

And to create content that supports your business goals, you need to have a solid strategy.

Posting every day? Check
Gorgeous photos? Check
Cute memes? Double-check
Impact? Ermmm…

I googled ‘quotes about strategy’.

The results were basically the kind of quotes that you see on Instagram or Pinterest over black and white photos of Harvey from Suits adjusting his tie, or Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson fastening his shirt cuff (you know, “Winners don’t make excuses.”, “It’s going to happen because I’m going to make it happen.”, “Life is a game, play to win.” etc, etc).

Not really my style or what I was looking for.

In the end, I did find exactly what I was looking for, which is the quote at the beginning of this article.

However, the findings of my search did sum up the kind of vibe I get about the topic of ‘strategy’ in the female entrepreneur space – that it’s a very masculine, corporate thing. Something for ‘big’ businesses. Something that’s perhaps even a little shady.

But here’s the thing… every single business – no matter how big or small – needs a strategy to survive, grow and thrive. And if you’re building an online brand or business, then you need a content strategy too.

Trust me, I cannot stress how much easier your life will be if you create a content strategy.

Fun fact time…

Fun(ish) fact – Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves is one of my all-time favourite movies. I thought Kev was pretty hot in The Bodyguard, too.

But Field of Dreams? All a bit weird if you ask me (I’m aware you didn’t).

Apparently, “build it, and they will come” is an entirely reasonable expectation if you’re hoping that a bunch of ghostly baseball players are going to rock up in your cornfield.

However, when it comes to your business content, it’s a faulty proposition.

Posting randomly on social media, creating videos or going live on Facebook only when you feel like it, or writing blogs that have little to do with the direction in which you want to take your business – none of these things are going to have an impact on helping you to achieve your business goals.

Sure, you’ve ‘built it’ (created content), but no-one’s going to turn up to bat for you because they don’t really understand who you are, what you stand for, what you do, and, most importantly, what you can do for them.

What you need is a strategy. A strategy that has them (potential customers) queuing up to buy tickets for your metaphorical baseball game.

The most important thing about your content strategy

I’m not going to sugar-coat it – creating great, engaging, meaningful content takes time. (Pointless, fluffy content? Not so much.)

And even if your content is the best content ever to land on the internet, if it’s not aligned to your business goals, then it’s not going to help you with those brand-new clients/collaborations/opportunities.

Because, when it comes down to it, you know that achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself isn’t going to happen by accident.

Yes, we all have the fantasies where we just wake up one day, and we’ve got 10,000 followers on Instagram and a multi-six-figure revenue that allows us to work from a beach in Bali, but that’s something that’s just not going to happen. There’s no such thing as overnight success.

Now, I totally believe in the Law of Attraction, manifestation and visualisation, but I also believe that you have to work to allow the magic to happen.

But it’s not just about working hard – once you’ve got a goal, you need a plan. A strategy. You need to identify the steps that will take you from where you are now to where you want to be in the future.

You need to decide where you want to be 3/6/12 months from now – and then reverse engineer the process. What do you need to do now and over the coming weeks to get you closer to your goal?

Want a little help planning out your strategy? Then download my free content planner, which is designed to ensure that the content you create is directly aligned with your business goals.