So – you know you need to get visible in your business, but you’re a private person.

You don’t really want to share every aspect of your life.

You’re about showing who you are and what you can do for your clients – in a professional capacity.

I’ve had a few conversations around this topic with my clients and other female entrepreneurs lately, and I thought I’d share my thoughts on it with you.

Because there are a lot of messages out there telling us that in our business content (blogs/social, etc.), we need to get raw. And vulnerable. And share our story. And be authentic etc. etc.

That you need to share everything – from what you had for your breakfast to that devastating break up you had with your boyfriend when you were 15.

And from what I’m hearing, it’s stopping people from sharing anything. Because, actually, not everyone wants to be raw and vulnerable with their business audience – and if that’s what we’re ‘supposed’ to be sharing, and we don’t want to, then what on earth do we write about??

It’s causing all kind of visibility blocks, and I’ve had enough.

No more.

Even if you’re the ‘face’ of your brand, you don’t have to be raw and vulnerable. You don’t have to do an insta-story crying to camera. You don’t have to talk about a childhood trauma. You don’t even have to share what you had for breakfast. UNLESS YOU WANT TO* (and even if you do, can we please make sure that it’s actually relevant to your audience?)

*Sorry, I got a bit shouty there, but I feel really passionately about this.

Ultimately, your audience only really care about what you can do for them. Yes, they need to get to know you, and then like you, and then trust you enough to buy from you. And yes, people do like to see what goes on behind the scenes. But if you’re not comfortable sharing everything, please don’t let that put you off sharing anything.

What’s the answer? Curation.

It is important that people get to know you and that they get to see pictures of you – but don’t forget that you get to control – curate – what they see. You can let people in as much or as little as you want.


3 Tips For Creating Curated Content


1. Draw out your boundaries – what you’re prepared to share (your morning runs) and the things that you’re not (your husband’s name or your face without any makeup, for example).

2. Get some professional photos taken. Using these will make you feel less vulnerable than using snaps or selfies. (Bonus – having a file of great photos of you makes it SOOO much easier to post consistently!). My photos are taken by Maryanne Scott – and I really recommend her if you’re based in the UK, especially if you’re someone who’s not keen on having her photo taken!

3. Remember that your content isn’t about you – it’s about your clients and your audience. Sure, they have to know who you are and they have to be confident that you know what you’re talking about – but what they’re really interested in is what you can do for them.

Decide what you want to share, and what you don’t. You can absolutely be authentic and share your story without letting a bunch of near-strangers into every aspect of your life. Trust me, you have plenty to say without doing this.

Getting out there can be scary – but please don’t let what you think you should be posting put you off from posting anything at all.

Just remember – when you’re creating content, your number one job is to add value to your audience.

I hope that takes the pressure off for you!

If you need support creating content that feels like without baring your soul, then Clarity, Confidence & Content is the program for you. Together we figure out what you want to say, how to say it, who to say it to and where to say it – all in a way that feels good to you.

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